About Hannah

I am an artist and jewellery maker living in Wiltshire, UK, in a handmade wooden home, next to an ancient apple orchard with my husband, dog, six cats and assorted chickens, geese and, on occasion, grown up children.

I find the landscape of the British Isles, and Wiltshire in particular, very inspiring. This combined with my love of poetry and British Folklore means my work is full of animals, hills, woodlands, primeval places, moons stars and constallations. I try to instill a feeling of place, of time and of magic in my work, connecting to the hidden knowledge held within the land and passed down through generations.

My work flows from jewellery to drawing and painting and back again, each informing the other and giving a continuous developing story...I hope you enjoy my work.

About Us

Hannah Willow

store owner

Working with my husband, Phil, we create products that we hope you love and cherish. Most of our work is created in our little studios on a working farm in Wiltshire. We hope you like the page and look forward to hearing from you.